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Celeste Santos has always known that there is so much more to life than what meets the eye. Her life has been a mixture of every shade of emotion on the journey of discovery that has taken her many places – and into the lives and experiences of a vast range of interesting people – including people from the Church, the State, a variety of exemplary and compassionate Beings of Light – as well as ordinary humans, charlatans, sharks, (people of course – sea creatures are tame in comparison!), those privileged and those not so privileged.

The one constant in her life, since childhood was, and remains that she has always been reaching for transformation into that “more” which ever beckons us on to the fuller and freer expression of our Becoming. And in the process she discovered a tried and tested method that empowered her and could empower anyone else who might venture to go there, to reach their desired results with certainty. Her journey – in reaching for the presenting challenges – oftentimes in fear, and sometimes ‘failing’ – eventually overcoming the odds – and emerging again – has been a blessed undertaking.

Celeste trained as a Commercial Teacher and, after spending 13 years in a semi-contemplative monastic Order (as well as teaching Business Economics, Computers and Accountancy), she left the monastery, and became involved in ” informal education “, i.e., became fully immersed in working, particularly with the women, among the most marginalized of South Africa’s people – those in the “squatter” areas, (later termed ” informal settlements” ) in and around Cape Town, in the 70’s and 80’s, as a Community Worker.

During that time, she worked closely with various (sometimes unfriendly) Government Officials and also with numerous church leaders of different denominations – including not only the ministers of the regular Christian religions – but also the “Friends” (Quakers) as well as our brothers and sisters in the Jewish, Hindu and Muslim communities – to bring awareness and assist in exposing how the Pass Law System impacted the men – contract workers drawn to the city from the “homelands”, and their families. The men were forced to live in appalling conditions in the euphemistically termed “bachelor quarters” in Cape Town, or sometimes with their legally dis-allowed wives, and families in the bush.

Together, she and the communities she served, dreamed up “solutions” to their plight, and acted them out, using Ghandi’s non-violent action steps. These spirited efforts, working against the odds for the recognition of their God-given family rights, endured many defeats, however, were also crowned with amazing and dramatic victories. After the release of Nelson Mandela, she re-directed her energies towards the transformation of individuals on a one to one basis.

She visited Findhorn in Scotland, trained and was certified there as a facilitator in the “Transformation Game”. (Read more about it in “Coaching information”).

Back in SA again, she spent 4 years in a business partnership creating a gourmet Mushroom company – however, this did not satisfy her passion for working on a more conscious level with people, and empowering them with tools to uncover their purpose and happiness in life. She spent 18 years caring for the frail, sick, aged and dying in their homes as a Carer in the UK. This work was rewarding, however her spirit knew there was more wanting to emerge….

Looking back on her Life’s Journey, she recognized that she had acquired many skills, working with numerous people in so many different walks of life. She recognized the most heart-engaging of her skills, was assisting people to find their personal happiness – working as a Life Coach – this is, for her, the most intense expression of her gifts – assisting people to empower themselves and take charge of their lives. For this she enrolled and studied powerful and insightful tools, which could, when correctly applied, crack the code of becoming “your best self” – she undertook the demanding certification course and qualified as a Life Coach at Mary Morrissey’s Life Mastery Institute based in the USA.

As teacher, facilitator and motivator, Celeste has been guiding people to reach for their dreams all her life. She provides a safe space, is encouraging and inspiring, and spurs those in her area of influence on with hope and confidence; and helps them to find success, spiritual growth, and a new zest for life.



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