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The main coaching program that Celeste offers is the DreamBuilder Program – a 12 week training course that will help you to stop dreaming your dreams and start living them.


She is also a Findhorn-trained Facilitator for the Transformation Game; this is an inspired and inspiring board game that takes place over a weekend. Participants work intensively on a particular intention, to gain greater clarity and perspective on it. As in life, Angelic visitations, Drawbacks, Insights and Universal Feedback are offered along their game ‘life path’. The synchronicities which present themselves are consistently mind-blowing and speak directly to their intentions, which helps them move to greater integrity in their lives.

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The Dream Builder Program

The Dream Builder Program gives you the keys to moving your dream from possibility to probability to predictability.

In this 12-week online program you are guided through the proven, reliable and repeatable steps to creating a life you truly love living.

The program focuses on transforming dreams from imagination into reality in the four key domains of life: Health & Well-Being, Love & Relationships, Vocation and Time & Money Freedom.

Each week, members will log in to a private membership site where they’ll receive that week’s audio lesson, video training and step-by-step action guides that will support them throughout the dream- building process.

The 12 modules of the program:

• Weeks 1 & 2: Creating a Clear Vision & Elevating Your “Deserving”

• Weeks 3 & 4: Overcoming Fear, Doubt & Worry

• Weeks 5 & 6: Releasing Inner Blocks

• Weeks 7 & 8: Tuning Into Your “Still, Small Voice Within”

• Weeks 9 & 10: Growing Your Community of “Partners in Believing

• Weeks 11 & 12: Transforming Failure into Stepping Stones for Success

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3 DAY EXPERIENCE (Weekend – Friday afternoon – Sunday afternoon)

Transformation Game

This process is an interactive experience which works equally well whether the participants know each other or not before commencement of the game. It is an inspired three day experience offered to small groups of four, to help each individual in the group get clarity and guidance on their chosen “intention”.

The board game simulates the individuals Life Path – and presents

“clues” around what might help or hinder their progress. The workshop is undertaken in strict confidentiality and respect for every participating individual. Angels and Blessings abound – and sometimes a miracle also shows up! A truly inspiring and insightful experience!

Participants can book if they have a foursome interested in doing the game together, or an individual can simply register, and when there are four individuals wanting to do the game, I’ll fix a mutually acceptable date and venue for all.

I have run these events for groups of 4 friends or acquaintances, as well as for 4 people who were complete strangers. In both cases, we witnessed “miracles” of insight, inspiration, compassionate understanding and awareness.



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