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“Working with Celeste has truly been a blessing.

She is a caring, gifted life coach that fosters trust,

exploration and growth.

She is rich with wisdom, patience and compassion.

Working with her has allowed me to reconnect to my dreams and experience major break throughs in my life in areas that I felt stagnant, and stuck in fear.

My life has become much more colorful and exciting. I didn’t realize how out of balance my life was before working with Celeste.

I just felt stuck and unfulfilled. Now I feel fully alive while embracing my dreams”.

Grace Juma

” I have known Celeste for 27 years.

She has the gift of spreading joy wherever she goes and sees positivity in every situation.

She helps and encourages people willingly and wholeheartedly in many ways and gives of her time generously.

Celeste is totally honest and trustworthy in any situation and having done the DreamBuilder Course with her I feel confident that as her work spreads, she will attract to herself ever

more people who aim for constructive change and growth in unexplored areas and levels of their Beings.

Those who do the course with her, will be blessed with insights and clarity “.

Judith Whiteing



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